Language School Pombal. Pombalingua was founded in 1984 to provide effective and comprehensive English language and culture courses to both children and adults. Over the years Pombalingua has carefully raised its standards to a level of competence that is respected and highly recommended. Pombalingua is not only authorised by the Portuguese Ministry of Education but is also well known for offering a very solid educational service and for successfully preparing most of its students for the internationally recognised University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. Many hours are spent on extensive preparation and Pombalingua's courses are designed for logical step-by-step learning. With a brilliant, dedicated and very talented team of experienced teachers, Pombalingua looks to the future, not merely by anticipating new trends, but also by embracing motivating and innovative methodology.


Assessments & Calendar 2023/2024
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Rules & Regulations 2023/2024
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